Oil and Gas

Rencel has an upper edge to serve the oil and gas industry with over 10 years of experience operating within the European | Asian | African markets. We ensure that every sourcing operation is executed from reliable entities, such as OEMs and Stockists who have a proven track record of supplying genuine products.

How we deliver value to the Oil and gas industry:

Scheduling | Cost Control | Product and Material Sourcing | Sales and Fulfillment | Expediting services | Regulation and Guidelines compliance.

Drilling Ship
A power plant with interconnected channels

Power and Energy

The complexities and increasing demand for energy has experienced rapid increase in the recent years. There is the need to source spare parts for rotary equipment’s such as shafts, couplings, turbines and general materials regrading power and energy are in high demand. At Rencel, we utilise the expertise gained from our years of experience in the industry to provide comprehensive solution to improve the power generation industry.

Some products we deliver to Power and Energy industry

Gearboxes | Reciprocating engines | Compressors | Steam turbine | Circuit breakers | Cabling | Electric generator | Panel Boards | Motors | Relays.


Our service to the automotive sector works to ensure progressive delivery of speed, efficiency and quality products. We apply lean manufacturing techniques to help our clients stay ahead of the competitors.
Some products we deliver to the Transportation industry

Gearboxes | Fan/blowers | Shafts | Engines | Brakes | Industrial safety products.

A stethoscope on a table


Some of the solutions we offer improves services in the changing dynamics of the healthcare industry. At Rencel we offer strong domain procurement through our in-house Healthcare Procurement expert who work hard to design cutting edge operating models.
How Healthcare industries benefit from our services
Improved business performance | Claims Management | Care Management | Medical Equipment’s Management

General Manufacturing

We provide distinctive services for our clients who require different manufacturing needs in any industry. Some of the top manufacturers we have worked with include, Steel, Oil and gas, Construction, Food processing, Automotive, Agriculture. Our heavy involvement in procurement manufacturing has helped in fulfilling our client’s expectations with our years.
Some products we deliver to the Manufacturing industry
Pumps | Pipe & Tubing | Bearings | Hoses | Autoclaves | Chain Hoist | Gaskets | Coupling | Mechanical Valves | Sensors | Flow Meters | Air Conditioners. 

Part of an electronic I.T device


Rencel’s IT outsourcing provides clear, robust and highly complex software solutions to our clients.
Some of the services we deliver to the IT industry
Briefing| Design & Prototyping| Wireframing| ERP Management| Testing| Infrastructure| Improvement and Maintenance

Electrical and Electronics

We supply and deliver quality electrical products and have been a reliable and trusted source for our clients within this industry.
Some of the products we deliver to the Electrical and Electronics industry
Transformers | Enclosures | Cables | Switches | PCB boards | Lighting | Batteries | Relays | LED systems | Conduit Fittings

An electric fitting with many connections and wires

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