Direct Material Sourcing

At Rencel we not only source for your products and materials, we also:

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Budget Tracking

Rencel recognises that every project have a budget and we aim to help you stay within budget by:

Supplier Risk Management

At Rencel we believe that true partners do more than just exchange POs and invoices:

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Business Intelligence

Rencel prides itself in capitalising the use of big data and business intelligence to ensure we are strategically sourcing our goods and services by:

Tail Spend Management

We have helped our clients achieve up to 15% in cost reduction using our tail spend management technique. Our unique approach considers the best way to manage your small, non-core suppliers (your “tail-spend”) by:

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Logistics Management

Rencel have renowned experience in global sourcing, planning, quality assurance, scheduling, freight handling and on-time goods fulfilment. Our Logistics services include:

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